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This is where the quest to unify horse and human is an every day journey. 


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CommunEquest offers an eclectic approach towards education and horse training needs. "The more tools in your tool box the better suited you are to doing a great job" -Dana 


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Dana Breuer’s experience and education is dynamic and diverse in the equine industry. She started as a child working in exchange for riding lessons in english and rode in 4-H and the United States Pony Club. Where she rode as a three-day eventer, and hunter. She also worked on a farm where they drove teams and used horse power for much of their farming needs. 

As a teen she started working on cattle ranches stocked with well over a 1,000 head. Day working on ranches from MT to ID, AZ, NM, CO and UT has given her many years and miles in the saddle. Within these years she was able to ride at University of Findlay English Equestrian program and gain her level 3 in Parelli Natural Horsemanship in western riding. Dana doesn’t care to name drop, and the list is too long to share but she has studied under or worked for many world-renowned horse trainers and instructors that range from colt starting to performance in a number of disciplines. 

She has also acquired her membership as an Equine Specialist in EAGALA and certification as an instructor in english and western riding with Certified Horsemanship Association. In more recent years Dana has been competing and developing her earnings in URCHA and NCHA. She continues to teach others, train horses and fit in a few clinics throughout the country. As her students say “She doesn't assume anything. She trains rider and horse with patience, reasoning, and reinforcement in a timely and encouraging manner. If you have the fortune of crossing her path, walk along with her for a while and enjoy the journey.”