Young riders


Thanks for making these lessons a safe place for me to be myself! I love that I can tell that I'm a baby and there's no judgement. You are a great mentor and teacher. 

Beginning riders


Dana is a natural teacher. She doesn't  assume anything. She trains rider   and horse with patience, reasoning,   and reinforcement in a timely and   encouraging manner. In my lifetime, I have often reflected back on two teachers who significantly affected my life. Now, at the age of 50, I am about to add one more teacher to that list– Dana Breuer. She has  taught me in a few months more than I may have learned in a multitude of years and she will leave me with a desire to progress and learn more.

Showmanship goals


Dana has been one of the best things to happen to me and, most assuredly, the best thing that has happened to my horses. A person with integrity. She lives a life with a greater purpose and aspires to make the world a better place. It is an  honorable life she leads which reflects humbleness and grace. Her example has served as an inspiration to me. If you have the fortune of crossing her path, walk along with her for a while and enjoy the journey.    -Jane Peterkuski 

Expirenced riders


My sincere than you for sharing your incredible knowledge and kindness with us. I told Brenda that she can look forward to a tremendous long-term opportunity because I an see you haven't even begun to teach all you are capable of teaching, that will take years. And after that time we will likely be starting with possible younger horses. Thank you again you are genuinely a gift  -Darrell

Group rides


Dana is without a doubt, one of the most  naturally talented and experience talented young persons I have met in 54 years. I have watched her transform nervous and confused horses into content and working animals with a calmness and communication between her and the   animal, which many trainers never achieve. I also know from first hand experience, that she is equally as good instruction other folks to ride or work with their horses on a plane they have never reached before.  -Bruce Mathews

Difficult horses


I’ve been a national trainer for 30+ years and your educational skill are superb. You are organized, knowledgeable and have an ability to communicate with me as a novice horse lover understands.  

 -Brenda Scharman